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Carolina Landscape Associates Inc.’s Brick Pavers

There are many reasons business owners might choose paving stones for their outdoor spaces. Not only are they reliable and low-maintenance, they also improve the look and value of your commercial property—provided they’re installed correctly, that is. Carolina Landscape Associates Inc. has spent many years being called upon to replace or repair brick paver installations gone wrong. Many business owners have asked us to fix their failed DIY attempts. In other cases, the pavers never settled properly due to an insufficient sub-base. And sometimes, the problem was that another landscaping company tried to cut costs by using low-quality brick pavers. This meant the finished project didn’t end up looking like the initial designs.

To prevent you from making these same costly mistakes, Carolina Landscape Associates Inc. recommends research—and lots of it. Know the lay of the land before you tackle paving stone installation. Here are four mistakes to avoid:

Choosing to Do-It-Yourself

Do-it-yourself landscaping has grown in popularity as business owners try to save money. But, when it comes to large outdoor paving projects, you want efficiency and expertise. DIY projects often take much longer and don’t provide the same flawless finish as professional work. Avoid disrupting your business—leave the paving to the pros.

Not Developing a Comprehensive Design Plan

Beautiful landscaping begins with precise design. Whether you’re installing interlocked patio pavers or adding walkways, you need to map out your project. Commercial landscape contractors will draft a design that meets your needs and budget. Without a concrete plan, it’s unlikely you’ll get the results you want.

Hiring a Landscaping Company Based Solely on the Pavers’ Cost

Of course, it’s important to choose cost-effective solutions. But hiring a company based only on what they quote you as a paver cost is a surefire way to be disappointed. For one thing, cheap concrete or brick pavers won’t last without high-quality materials. For another, estimates often reflect the quality of the job. Choosing the lowest estimate might not get you the results you crave. It’s important to balance the right materials and expertise with the cost of a paving project.

Hiring Inexperienced or Uninsured Landscapers

Hiring an inexperienced contractor isn’t much better than trying to tackle the project yourself—we already covered why that’s bad for business! Supporting start-up businesses is admirable, but you need to keep your property’s future in mind. That means hiring experts to install outdoor pavers. In addition to experience, you also want to know the company you choose to hire is licensed to work in your area. It’s within your rights to ask to see this information. Make sure their contractors are insured as well. Your peace of mind is worth much more than whatever deal an uninsured company promises you. If you’re drawn to landscape pavers for the way they improve the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial property, choose the right contractors for the job. Carolina Landscape Associates Inc. is licensed, insured and confident you’ll enjoy our exceptional record of success. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.